Friday, July 3, 2009

In the beginning...

there were 3 am feedings. I knew that it would be tough having a newborn and homeschooling but knowing it an actually doing it are two different things. Even though AJ is my easiest baby, it is still tricky to home school with a newborn. Over the last few weeks I have found ways to make it happen. I discovered tools that make it manageable: a slow cooker, bread maker, a baby sling, and a boppy pillow. Here is a loose schedule of my mornings. You'll notice I don't bother using actual times for anything, it makes me feel like I am failing if I am behind 15 minutes.

Wake up
Nurse the baby and he goes back to sleep
Get dressed
make beds
make breakfast
Empty dishwasher
Prepare slow cooker and the bread maker for for dinner
Put in a load of laundry
Home school while nursing again

I guess I could skip the bread maker but it is so easy and makes me feel so fulfilled when the incomparable smell of bread fills the house. I am currently in search of the perfect bread maker cookbook. This one is in the lead. I have made the burrito bread, the Parmesan corn bread, pizza bread, and our favorite white bread.

I would love to hear other recommendations.

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