Sunday, October 11, 2009

We are in full swing...

We are in full swing now. We are taking a day off on Monday though. At the beginning of this year Cally resisted reading a lot. I tried Click N Read because I thought that would be more fun for her but it didn't work. She hated doing work by herself even more. We reached a lesson in "Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading" that said write on a card a command like "pop a bag". Cally loved it. She called it a spy card and begged for more. So ever since then I have been making more spy cards. After ever lesson she reads her new spy cards and completes the missions. She is trying to sound out everything now. (Unfortunately that means what kids write on bathroom stalls too, but that is another problem.) I am so proud of my smallest reader.

I have been planning our vacation to Southern VA. We are going to Air and Space Museum and Jamestown.

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