Sunday, February 21, 2010

Science Excitement this week

This week was a good science week. The kids really enjoy Apologia. I had my doubts; I thought it would be above their heads or too textbooky. We made a model of Olympus Mons, a volcano on Mars, the largest in the universe.
Everything is going so well with Apologia, so why am I thinking of switching? The next rec commended book for Apologia is Botany, a whole entire year spent on plants. Then the next is a whole year spent on Marine life and then birds. I am worried that my kids will get bored with Science. I am worried that I will be bored with science. When will they learn about matter and clouds if they spend the next four years learning about living things. While I love the thoroughness of the books and the idea of having a book devoted to each day of creation, I think we may need more variety.
People have made several recommendations. Some of which include: Elemental Science, NEO, Real Science4 kids, and R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. Right now I am leaning toward R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. It is rich with experiments and it has a drool worthy recommended book list. It reminds me fondly of Story of the World. I even took the first step towards RSO, I joined the Yahoo Group. I may go back Apologia for Elementary, but for next year, we are testing new waters with RSO. I am excited and nervous. I have yet to find a science kit for all the experiments. (They are so easy to find those for Apologia). I will probably have to gather each item one at a time. I really hope it is worth it.

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