Friday, March 5, 2010

Alladin and Rocket Ships

Today after seat work the girls listen to an audio book the corresponded with their SOTW lesson. "Alladin's Lamp" was very well received and the best part is I downloaded it for and I didn't have to register. There are lots of other titles I want to download as we continue with SOTW. (Robin Hood should go nicely with SOTW 2).

After the audio book, we read lesson 11 in Apologia's Astronomy book. The girls have been waiting for this lab since the summer. They woke me up early, "today is rocket ship day!!!" Not a lot to live up to right? I was worried about this one. I keep seeing posts about it being a soggy disappointment. I was extra careful in following the directions hoping to avoid an mistakes.

The first time, I dropped a whole tablet in to the water and placed the film lid back on and quickly stood back to see the solution leak out of the sides of the container. I was prepared for this. I had two more tabs to drop in the water. Someone a message board suggested using half an tab instead of a whole one. It didn't work, more fizz leakage and no blasting off. The paper on the rocket was a soggy sad mess. My girls were so disappointed.

We went inside and threw away the paper on the rocket we worked so hard to make look realistic. We tried things in the sink to see what would blow the lid off. We tried vinegar and baking soda and that just leaked out too. We then tried it again and again playing with the ratio of vinegar to baking soda. They all just leaked. Then I shook added the baking soda to the vinegar, put the lid on, and shook it. That did the trick the lid blasted up. Only about 4 feet but that was good enough for the girls who wanted something to fly today. It probably would have worked if I did as suggested in the book with the tab and water if I shook it first. If you are planning this lab be prepared for disappointment and try shaking if you are about to give up all hope.

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