Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curriculum Envy and sick days

So I ordered just about everything I want for next year minus things for science labs. I am waiting on the RSO to arrive first. After I order everything I keep hearing Tapestry of Grace. So out of curiosity, I visited the TOG website. I browsed, I listen to an audio lecture, created a book list, crossed checked it with my library, stalked their forum and I fell in love. I already have history planned out for next year with SOTW. If I wait until next year to start TOG the years won't match up. I would have missed the colonial time. (pretty important stuff). If I start this year I have too much curriculum. Ah the struggles of curriculum buying, the next time I hear about a curriculum, I should cover my ears or close my eyes.

All the kids have colds today. The girls were very displeased to learn we would still do light homeschooling. Luckly, it just so happened each had short phonics lessons for today anway. We did our additional reading for SOTW as we snuggled on the sofa. For spelling, Gabby skipped her usually boring Spelling Workout lesson and in exchange did a spelling bee at BigIQKids . She doesn't seem to mind the pointless activities in SWO but they really irritate me.

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