Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My growing reading list

I just got another box of school books for next semester. RSO just arrived. I really need to read the introduction and how to use the book section. I also need to make a list of the science supplies I need for the first few weeks. Sequential Spelling was in the shipment too, yet another thing I need to figure out before trying to implement it. I want to give Drawing with Children another shot next year and reread that book. I am not artsy and I found it dull the last time I read it. Hopefully this time will be better.

With all the reading I need to do I still started reading a book just for fun and just for me. I am reading The Shack by Young. I only read the first few chapters but I can already tell it is a tear jerker. I can't wait until the kids are asleep so I can read more.

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