Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week...

This week has been one of changes. Cally started this week of angry and in tears every time we started phonics. We were using OPG (Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading). On Monday night she got Phonics Pathways of the shelf and asked for a lesson. We did one lesson that very night. She likes the goofy drawing of the caterpillar like creature. She likes the format and the size of the words. Gabby hated Phonics Pathways. I wrote it off...until this week.
While I still prefer OPG. I love the scripted lessons. I love that it goes up to 4th grade reading level. I tried today to get Cally to do a lesson in OPG. She did so well in PP, I thought it would carry back over to OPG. I was wrong she wouldn't even look at the book. She ran to get Phonics Pathways. With tears in her eyes, she begged to do two lesson in this one instead of the old book. So now we are sticking with Phonics Pathways.

We finished Lesson 11 in Apologia's Astronomy, only 3 more to go. We sat outside with a star chart and looked at stars. Even though we lived pretty close to a city we saw several constellations. Cally found a light that wasn't twinkling and exclaimed "THAT'S a PLANET!! I DISCOVERED A PLANET! THAT MEANS I GET TO NAME! I AM A REEEAL ASTRONOMER."

We read about ancient Crete this week. The girls pretended they were bull jumpers. We got to use the Kingfisher Encyclopedia as an additional resource. We all loved the pictures. It really helped to cement what we read.

Gabby started Singapore Math 1b this week. This is the first time I am using the teacher's manual. We are also using the IP book along with it. I am surprised at how well she is picking up more complex math problems. She is growing up so fast.

Both girls started piano lessons using Alfred's Prep Course Level A. I wrote numbers on their fingers to help them remember. Catherine sneaks a way and practices all the time. She tried so hard to redo the page we did that day. We still need to work on timing with her. Gabby is picking it up fast, probably because she is a year older. She learned the song on page 11 and 12. She performed it tonight for everyone after dinner. She did a curtsy after it was done.

Solar System Scale from Karen Ruggles on Vimeo.

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