Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 1 of the Grocery Game

Recently, our bank began to do analysis how we spend money. I was shocked at how much we spent on groceries. We never really budgeted for groceries or used coupons. To top it off we are brand loyalists and we do little shopping trips daily instead of one big trip.

Out of desperation I began a search for ways to saving money and I ran across Grocery Game and Coupon Mom. Coupon Mom doesn't list my state so I started my free trial at Grocery Game. After watching the video, I realize maybe I should have waiting to start after saving up the coupons in the Sunday's papers. I can't really start saving too much with only one week of coupons, even with the online coupons available.

That hasn't turned me off of the site. I still got a rush looking though my list and seeing all the groceries that I could get for over %50 off or even free. The stuff on the list is stuff I typically buy anyway. My husband is picking up a Sunday Paper so I can start playing the real game soon.

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