Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year Planning

The New Year is almost here! We are adding a few things to our curriculum for 2011. I love Story of the World but I stink at picking out the right readers and read alouds even with the aid of the Activity Guide. To help me, I purchased Biblioplan. I think it will help me keep a schedule too. I addition, I like that it devotes a large amount of time to church history and the reformation. We cheated a little and already started this one. My girls are loving the read alouds and I don't even have to wake Cally up. She even begs for one more chapter.

Another thing we are adding is Latin. I don't have any background in Latin so I wanted something super gentle to get our feet wet. I chose Song School Latin. I like that it has games online to go online with some of the lessons.

My oldest daughter will be starting cursive writing too. She is very exciting about trying to figure out cursive.

I am planning on starting the Carb Lovers diet for the new year. They say you can lose up to six pounds the first week. I just need to get to grocery store and stock on banana. (It seems it is a central part of the diet.)

I want to read 52 books in 52 weeks this year but with college classes, homeschool, and a toddler, I think it will be a real struggle. I am going to start and see how it goes. The first book on my list is Child 44 by Tom Smith.