Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011/2012 Plans for 2nd and 3rd Grade

Bible Study For all Ages
R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey: Earth & Space
Biblioplan with Story of the World Volume 3
Drawing With Children
Draw Write Now

Separately at Different Levels
Math Mammoth
Singapore Math
Writing with Ease
First Language Lessons
Sonlight Readers
Handwriting Without Tears
All About Spelling
Evan Moor’s Daily Geography
Evan Moor’s Daily Vocabulary

Educational Fun

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying to Get More Organized

This past year went well for the most part. I just felt so unorganized. The night before, I would set out the stack of books on the school table. My kids had very little room to actually work. Leaving everything on the bookshelf until we needed it took a lot of time.
This summer I knew I needed to brainstorm organization ideas. I thought about filing but the thought of taking of the spine of innocent books made me a little queasy. I really enjoyed Sue Patrick’s book but I have very little extra room to workbox the traditional way.

There is a lot I think I would love about the system. I think it would help greatly with the organization and efficiency of home school. I also believe that it will help my kids to do some things more independently. Instead of waiting for me to give them a phonics worksheet they could go ahead and get started.
For the fall I plan on using a modified workbox system using filing crates and the schedule strips that are available at . I just ordered the velcro coins, colored card stock and book rings. I already own a great laminator.