Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying to Get More Organized

This past year went well for the most part. I just felt so unorganized. The night before, I would set out the stack of books on the school table. My kids had very little room to actually work. Leaving everything on the bookshelf until we needed it took a lot of time.
This summer I knew I needed to brainstorm organization ideas. I thought about filing but the thought of taking of the spine of innocent books made me a little queasy. I really enjoyed Sue Patrick’s book but I have very little extra room to workbox the traditional way.

There is a lot I think I would love about the system. I think it would help greatly with the organization and efficiency of home school. I also believe that it will help my kids to do some things more independently. Instead of waiting for me to give them a phonics worksheet they could go ahead and get started.
For the fall I plan on using a modified workbox system using filing crates and the schedule strips that are available at www.spelloutloud.com . I just ordered the velcro coins, colored card stock and book rings. I already own a great laminator.

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