Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Bored Sets in...

February is dragging on. It feels like the longest month instead of the shortest month. No one is motivated this month. Illnesses don't help things much.
I am thankful Heart of Dakota has our day more streamlined. I don't think I could stand a February full of workbooks. I think we are due for another field trip.
On a positive note using the Gillingham Manual is helping Cally a great deal. The slow pace and daily review is just what she needed. She is having trouble with consonant blends but showing weekly improvement. She even sits and reads to herself unprompted.
The Gillingham Manual isn't as open and go as other programs but it is very through. It allows the teacher to go as fast or as slow as the student needs to go. It is a lot more affordable than other dyslexia programs. After you read through the manual and the Jewel Box, it is not hard to implement.