Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beast Academy for a Girly Girl?

I was so happy when Beast Academy arrived. I regret getting economy mail. The 10 day wait was painful. I was impressed at first glance. The guide book is beautifully done in color with high quality paper.

I was a little worried that the Beast Academy wouldn't work for my super girly girl. However, my daughter is in love with it. The beasts in the book are not scary satanic creatures. My daughter describes them as cute and funny. These characters aren't just in there to look good, they help to convey complex math very clearly and simply. The first chapter has a lot of new vocabulary for my daughter. My daughter learned them quickly thanks to the beasts. "Cute angles are acute and obese angles are obtuse."

She reads it to her sister for fun after dinner. She told me today that she has never thought so hard before Beast Academy. She really loves it and wants to drop all other math completely. Since they only have 3a and 3b for sale, I said that isn't going to happen. She spent art time drawing some of the girly characters in the book and made her own "Beast."

The 11th page in 3a guide book says that "Some of the topics in this book go well beyond what is typically taught in a third grade math class." I would have to agree. However, that shouldn't scare people away. The math is taught in an approachable way. There is an accessment test to see if your child is ready or not.

Cally isn't quite ready for Beast Academy but she has fun listening to the comics and playing the Recess Games with Gabby. Beast Academy is a big hit around here. I hope they make more soon! 4 guides and practice books make up a year and they only have two guides and practice books out so far. Each guide is $15 and the practice books are $12. You would need both to really get the most out of it. I am looking forward to seeing more of Beast Academy.

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