Friday, March 16, 2012

Time4Learning Review

Time4Learning is working out better in my house than I thought it would. We have tried other online programs before. Either my kids hated them or I didn’t think that they had enough educational value. I have been using it as a supplement, not as my main curriculum.
My youngest daughter has dyslexia. She also has a huge love for science. She can’t get enough. I love that Time4Learning has multiple subjects including science. My daughter can learn extra science at her own pace and without her reading ability stopping her learning ability. She begs for more Time4Learning instead of video games now.
My oldest daughter also enjoys Time4Learning. She is not as excited about it as my youngest but she does like reviewing things. She is interested in Art more than any other subject. I wish they would have some art lessons. Art is the subject less likely to be done in my house.
As a parent, Time4Learning is pretty using to use. My kids were able complete lessons on their own without my assistance. (That is a huge deal if you have a child with reading difficulties!) I don’t have to click on the next activity or read instructions.
There is a student records section, where you can go and check up on your child’s progress. It gives a lesson name and a percentage of correct answers. I wish they would let you know which problems the students missed as well. I would prefer a onetime fee or an annual fee rather than a monthly fee. Overall, Time4Learning is a great program and worth looking into.

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