Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost to the finish line!

We have 174 of the 180 days we need to complete. I am so excited to finish. At the finish line, I ditched Heart of Dakota's Science completely. I just couldn't stomach it anymore. My kids don't even see the point. We read a page about the sun. The majority of the page was bible related, not facts about the sun. The only facts about the sun were that the sun is very big, 93 million miles away, you can see it in the daytime, and it is bright. My kids already knew this. They asked is that it? I told them yeah that's it. And it is, it is the last time I will use there science. I loved using Real Science Odyssey for kids. I was hoping for something even meatier with HOD. It wasn't. I am undecided as to what we will use next year. I ditched the Morning Bells book long ago. It was painfully boring. I also ditched The history section of Beyond. I got tired of reading about stories of the poor white children who were brave when they saw the mean indians and their "cruel designs." I want a history that is a little less distorted. I loved using SOTW I am a little sad we finished them all. I just ordered Sonlight Core B/C. Based upon the reviews, I didn't ordered their science. I am trying to decided between NOEO and Elemental Science. HOD wasn't all bad. We liked the poetry and the Bible memorization, my kids liked the crafts, and I liked the read alouds. My favorite part was emerging reader selections. The pluses aren't worth continuing. I can't wait to start fresh in the fall.

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