Saturday, September 8, 2012

My experience with Lower Level Saxon Math

I think Saxon Math gets a bad rap.  I have read so many bad reviews from home schoolers.  Some have likened it to “watching paint dry” or as being “torture.”  Based upon these types of reviews, I avoided it like the plague for a long time.  I switch my non-abstract thinking child from Singapore, Math in Focus, and too Math Mammoth to name a few, that was torture. 

They didn’t work.  She just didn’t get it.  She needed more review on basic facts before even considering abstract multi-part word problems.  She is mildly dyslexic and needs to review math concepts many more times than my non-dyslexic child.  Saxon’s math fact cards are great for this purpose.

She also needs hands on manipulatives.  Saxon includes geo-boards, dominoes, pattern blocks, and linking cubes.  She loves them all.  Rather than repeating a concept over and over and getting a deer in the headlights look, she can play with the manipulatives and see what I mean.  She finally gets math.

Saxon is also great for the non-STEM moms and beginning home schoolers.  The lower grades contain scripts so you know exactly what to say, what manipulatives to use, and what to review and when to review it.  It can give the educator more confidence.

The spiral aspect helps keep things fresh.  She doesn’t have to wait another year before seeing addition again or money.  She gets to review money, calendars, and number patterns daily.  She enjoys the routine of the program. 

While Saxon might not work for some, if your child is struggling to fit in a Singapore style math, consider a less abstract math program like Saxon.

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