Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Balancing Act

Unless you have a maid, driver, personal shopper, and personal chef, you probably have more responsibilities than just as a home schooling mother.  Sometimes it can be hard to balance all of these things.   I know I feel overwhelmed at times.
With all that you do, it is important to have some quiet time for yourself.  I am not a morning person by nature, I am one by habit.  I have to make an effort to wake up before the kids or I feel like I am running behind the rest of the day.  I do a daily devotional, pray and have a cup of coffee.  Then I start breakfast.

There are other things that help me stay somewhat organized. 


If you are more interested in a printable version Motivated Moms is an excellent way to physically check off the daily activities.  They also have an option to have schedule Bible reading.  They also have a new android and apple app.   Motivated Moms spreads out the tasks so it isn’t overwhelmed but your house is guest ready.
Click here to visit Motivated Moms.

For meal planning, I cook many meals in the slow cooker.  I try to make extra so I can freeze half and have a meal ready to go later on.

I also made a reverse meal schedule.  I wrote down what everything I made for dinner for a month. I wrote meal on an index card and put it into an index card box.  When I finished my month, I had thirty dinners I knew my family liked and I knew how to cook.  I use these meals also the framework for my next month.  I reserved a day a week to try something new.  If my family likes it, I put it in the box.  Now my index card box is full of things my family loves.  I get new inspiration from cookbooks from the library, websites, blogs, and food network.

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